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 Post subject: cheathappens trainers are spyware and adware
PostPosted: 24 May 2011 17:24 

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Ive had few of those topics on my forum already. i started to pay attention to this when i started getting spyware alerts from my AV and then alert that ch trainer wants to connect to internet. i mean wtf ? why would trainer need to connect into internet in the first place ?

so i did some research and posted it on my site, then caliber (ch trainer maker) started moaning there, i successfully fooled him to belive that i have no intention to publish any of it. so he pmed me the following message:

regarding software protection and tracking, we have a proprietary and in-house created protection scheme that we wrap onto the author's .exe. You send us the .exe and we do the rest. We don't track legitimate user information (like addresses, IP, etc.), but we can detect the original user of the trainer if we find that the user has posted it online. We would then ban their account and we can also kill the trainer(s) so that any people using the shared trainer cannot use it any longer. nothing is 'hack proof' but this has worked well for us and i change it all the time. we have banned many users over the years and submitted their information to credit card companies and local law enforcement regarding thier infractions (this includes overseas). the rate of user sharing or internet posting of our member only trainers has dropped extremely low. again, nothing is foolproof, but this works well enough to prevent rampant sharing of member only trainers.

whatever it uses to track, its called spyware. what prevents their trainer from getting ALL of the info ? like keystrokes, passwords, credit card details, everything you have stored in pc ? what stops it, after you allow it by your AV. cheathappens tells you to allow it, so how exactly user knows what info it gets ?
im i suppouse to belive only his words ? traffic between cheathappens spy site and trainer is encrypted. at least some of it.
then i also found out that its adware, it downloads new ads from their site and displays them in the trainer (clickable ads).

I want you to pay close attention that on their website (and in caliber's other posts) it says that "it is the heuristic scanning of AV" or the "charecter of trainer how it works" that triggers the alerts.
if so, then how comes that 99% of other trainers out there does NOT trigger alerts ?
also HelioS on artificialaiming uses LIVE streaming method to prevent sharing of his work and it does NOT trigger any AV alerts ... someone explain ?? i dont think you can explain, its plain and simple, cheathappens trainers are spyware.

Now caliber claims that he have never even sent me this pm and he never said anything like that. he also says that "quote from my forum":
regarding spyware- what the fuck is your definition of spyware? our trainers don't spy on anything. it doesn't read anything nor scan anything on the user's computer.

Then he is calling me idiot, asshole, homosexual ..etc and going far offtopic from cheathappens trainers being spyware. he starts going on about website stats, that he is more famous and so on, which only proves my point. if he turns away from the topic in hand and starts insulting, then he is guilty.

NOTE - not all of cheathappens trainers are same. older trainers seem to be clean, but they still seem to communicate with their website.

additionally offtopic, they blame Kelsat and h4x0r (trainer makers) of stealing their trainer code.
2 things i have to add about this blame (its on their website) ... tleID=8463

1. how can they steal their code ? i didnt know that cheathappens is open source...
2. if thats true, then how come that on many cases h4x0r and/or Kelsat have released the trainer before cheathappens ?

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