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 Post subject: something strange @
PostPosted: 24 Jan 2011 04:04 

Joined: 24 Sep 2007 02:12
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im sure that everybody already agree that steam is piece of junk and they treat their clients like scum. recently i was looking for some things on google and ended up on steam user forums. what cought my eye, were those banned users, who have over 10000 posts (yes ten thousand posts) and registered over 4-7 years.
not just one user, but many who had over 1000 posts and banned.
why would anybody ban such an user ?
its like if Luigi would ban me from his forum or SomaFM or somebody else who is active member.

so i decided to take some time and look into it, i contacted few of those ppl whos email i found.
one of them told me that he got banned from one topic, where some kid posted about modern warfare 2 (mw2) and said its total junk and he wasted his money on it.
so he added reply and in it, he mentioned that "... you could just sell that account" and he got instant ban for it, without any warnings.
he also said that he have mentioned steam account selling before and he didnt even get a warning for that.

but thats not all, recently they disabled one of my accounts, yes DISABLED, not banned.
so i contacted the support like what the hell guys ?
steam said that "your account was sold and it is against our policy to sell steam accounts, this ban is permanent"
soo hmm .. i replyd back told them to stop their nonsense and check the IP and told them to provide me some proof, like based on what they are telling me it was sold.
steam replyd and they pointed me to some youtube video which is about selling steam accounts.
i was like ()$*!_+_#@!)%()#@$ ????
i asked them .. how exactly is this video related to my account ? and told them to stop their nonsense and tell me wtf is happening.
so finally they said "make a picture of your game, where the cd-key is located and write the support ticket number next to it" < i havent done this yet, but ill send them proof soon and see what will happen.

thats not all, my other account got DISABLED too. so once again i went to support asking wtf is going on there ? stop disabling my stuff. their reply was "your account was hijacked"
how the fuck do they know ? i mean .. do they even know what they are talking about ?
there is NO WAY to determine if account is sold, shared, accessed from other computer, hijacked or person simply moved to another country.

+ on top of that, they are scamming ppl with currency. game that costs 30eur in some EU countries, costs 30usd in USA. google and see how much difference that is .. and in UK it costs 30gbp, which is even more than 30eur. thats just bullshit .. why some ppl have to pay more ?

If any1 else have had similiar or even worse problems with steam, let everybody know about it.

 Post subject: Re: something strange @
PostPosted: 03 Feb 2011 03:47 

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well idk, ive always been against Valve and their VAC and similar irreversible bans. they're too strict and try too hard and their results are unsuccessful for their goals

 Post subject: Re: something strange @
PostPosted: 04 Feb 2011 04:24 

Joined: 16 Aug 2007 06:25
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Never had a problem with VALVe myself. VALVe is really good when compared to other companies (EA for example). I'd take Steam over other applications (like the crappy EA Downloader) any day.

 Post subject: Re: something strange @
PostPosted: 06 Feb 2011 15:32 

Joined: 24 Sep 2007 02:12
Posts: 1114
well i know that there are worse, but they dont ban and disable you without any reasons. its like they say, innocent until proven guilty. seeing some video on youtube with my name under it (not from my real channel ofcourse), does not fucking give them the right to disable my account.
video made with my name under it, by some retard kid, is not proof. they disable my account and show me that video and say this account was sold. like what the hell.

also their shop is not working, it gives tons of errors. not just to me, but ive seen thousands of complaints on their forum, that is just gives unknown error. and thats what it says "unexpected error occured, try again later"

they are way too strict with their retarded ban, it gives so many false positives.
i sent them a ticket, regarding FRAPS, they just say that we cant check it, if you have concerns, contact the developer of this program. ??#(@)()!)! ??? i dont understand ???? what VAC has to do with 3rd party program developers ? how FRAPS developers can possibily know if it gets you VAC banned or not ?

then i sent them another ticket, regarding one of the big sites that sell hacks for known games, like css, hl2, mw2, black ops ..etc. on certain reasons i don't mention this site, but im sure lot of ppl know what site i refer to. they sell wallhacks and aimbots mostly, with lot of small extra features.
so i asked, if under VAC it says that "VAC bans all cheats", then how comes this site sells cheats and hacks and they do not get detected by VAC, why talk nonsense shit ?

their response was that "you will not get response from us when we take some action", which pretty much means "go fuck off, VAC is only for retards and idiots and will never ban 100% hacks and we cant bother with some site that sells hacks"

steam is full of childish moderators and admins or simply idiots

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